Courier & Package Delivery


International Courier & Express Mail Re-Handling

Our company provides international courier & package services and as well express mail handling or re-handling within Indonesia.

We can offer a cost saving to our customers from our bulk shipment handling and discount rates which are more competitive as comparable to published rates by large international courier companies or air freight by most large airlines.


PT. Trans Pacific Atlantic Lines
PT. TPAL Ekspres Indonesia
Sentra Pemuda Kav 6-7, Jalan Pemuda 61
Jakarta Timur 13220, Indonesia

+62 21 2961 7222  |  [email protected]


PT. Trans Pacific Atlantic

Jalan Perak Timur No. 512 Blok E2
Surabaya 60165, Indonesia

+62 31 328 3412  |  [email protected]

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